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Considerations When Teaching Your Child To Read

By the time kids turn two, many parents begin to teach them how to identify and enunciate words. This will prepare the young ones to learn to read as they get older. Reading is a skill that you will employ your entire life. Making it a habit will enrich your intellect and ensure brain health.

Every person is unique and so is the rate of his/her skills development. It is important that along with providing books to learn to read to your child, you also bear the following in mind:

• You must not compare your child with other kids, including yourself when you were little. Just because you or the other sibling learned to read at 4 years old does not mean the child has to do the same.
• The younger the child is, the shorter his/her attention span may be. Catch the child's focus by making reading an enjoyable experience. You need to be creative when teaching your son or daughter how to read and may even have to incorporate it with play. This librosparaaprender aleer is great source of libros para empezar a leer.
• The books to learn to read that you introduce to your child should revolve around your child's interest. Find a book that has a pink cover if she loves pink. If your son is fascinated by cars, then pick books that have lots of automobiles in it.
• You must not be mad or disappointed if the child does not learn how to read when you want him/her to. Showing disapproval will only make the child sad, afraid or frustrated.
• Children tend to mimic their parents. If they observe that you practice a reading habit, they will most likely follow you.

Another thing to ensure is that the books to learn to read must be appropriate for the child's age and stage.

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