I'm really a bit dissapointed how bad FM organized for our region (NRW - Ruhrgebiet)." MOBilize themselves. "

So, I'm here in eat, I can move within VRR. this week on Saturday there is world FM! How are we going to do this? Where? Any details When?

mail me please or comment right here.

So I have an FM idea. Just in front of the Essen HBf at Hirschlandplatz (or any other big city in VRR) people are MOBilizing with different cleaning and washing means (broom, scouring brush, vacuum cleaner etc) and cleaning the floor! Papa's Maendrescher! It's on you guys! If you have a better idea, let me know.

And yes, if you like we can organize a website for FM Community in Essen, I'm a webmaster. So, come on, all together.

Global Flash Mob coming to Hamburg

current flash mob appointmentsoutARK writes "This time works, or ???? we have FM again in Hamburg on October 25th And also in the context of the first Global Flash Mob, that means, many more will be organizing nonsense with us worldwide (currently about 60 cities, we hope that by then a few more to come)

the thing is planned so that each city will have an FM at 14:15 (local time), so that an FM wave from east to west rolling across the planet.

the (joint) Activity is secret until then, but you will be notified on October 23 where to get the flyers.

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