Flashmobbing was last summer, this summer it's called Spacemobbing

Like Flashmobs, Spacemobs are taking place on public and half-public spaces. There are some slight main differences: On one side there is the new possibility to create new spaces, on the other side the new kind of Flashmob will require a little more time (no, you don't have to take your day free, it's still very short). However one thing remains: the fun and the dazzled faces of the passants.

The first Mob should be to the subject "Reclaim Public Space" and we have choosen a beautiful public space for this: parking lots. We would like to give the most used spaces in the city a new use.
Here the informations to the 1st Spacemob:
Time: During lunch on the days of 22.6 / 23.6 / 24.6 - nice weather required
Place: Zürich - City
To take with you: Lots of SpaceMob - friends
Exact Announcement: Will be done trough internet, on the website

Now there's a last thing: Please send this announcement to all of your friends who would like to take part of the first SpaceMob. Don't forget to sign up in the forum so, you get the latest informations. Your ideas and posts are very welcome in our new forum, which is situated on the website of We count on your help and your posts.

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