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These slot machine tricks also apply to playing with the phone, after all, there is nowhere else than playing on the PC.

Martingale at the slot machine

The judi slot Martingale system is very controversial: it is usually very effective until it does not work, but you often lose large amounts of money. In this system, you choose a small bet that you raise after each lost round (whoever doubles it as in roulette) once a win has been made that is higher than the bet (in case of doubling) you go back to the start: a small profit was achieved.

The danger is that sums can quickly become very high. In addition, the game is very complicated, because you have to adjust the use of each spin. The big advantage is that the Martingale at the slot machine very, very high profits are possible if you just achieved with a relatively high stakes a great winning combination.

Set to the standard deviation

This method appeals to our sense that you can trick gambling machines with math. Unfortunately, that's not true - it takes luck. Nevertheless, if the luck is there, you get nice results: in the standard deviation method you play on "Equal Pay Slots" (machines that pay out a multiple of the bet as a prize) first with mini-bets or play money and try to find out how many Spins usually lie between profits. The has various tutorials related to casino online.

You wait until you have made ten or more (depending on your patience) and then count the required number of laps. The average of the required spins is the peak, but there is also a wide range of surrounding numbers: within those reps, you spend more money to increase the chance of high profits!

One-Play Strategy

A very funny way of playing with strategy is the One Play. It opens a machine and sets the maximum amount: you win, you play again (up to three times profit) or three times (from four times the profit) you lose, it goes to the next slot. Attention, Slots, where you collect points that qualify later for free spins (for example, Vikings go Berzerk) are unsuitable here.

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