Marquis Test Kit 101: What Is It About and What's The Deal with Drug Tests?

It's hard to pass a random drug test without prior planning, or else you'll arouse suspicion of you being a user and get tested even harder because of your behavior. You need to be more clandestine with such tests if you're actually using drugs but you want to get away with it. You can learn more about drug tests and how they work in order to pass them by buying the marquis test kit, for example. You have limited options when you're suspected of being a drug user, such that every question you ask and everything you do will be used against you. Random tests have led people to come up with various ideas on how to pass tests. At any rate, necessity is the mother of invention.

The Creativity of Humanity in Passing Tests

• Blood and Saliva Testing: Know the methods being used when it comes to random drug tests are the workplace as well as sporting events like the Olympics or a local tournament. After all, knowledge is power. Blood testing is a common test involving the drawing of blood that's sent to the lab to test for certain drugs. The saliva test works about the same way but this time you spit on a cup or use a Q-tip swab to provide your saliva sample. Get more Interesting details about marquis test kit on wims cilabs.

• Saliva Testing Is a Favorite: Saliva testing, as opposed to blood tests, is the more popular test in the realm of workplace drug testing. Why? It's simply more convenient. Blood testing involves needles and a nurse to do the deed. A saliva test can be done by anyone and as long as the proper swab is used, it's pretty straightforward. It can also be difficult to find a workable vein for drawing blood since some people have small veins and what not.

• Expect Random Tests to Be Saliva Tests: Usually, if a company is conducting random drug tests it's the saliva test that is the exam of choice. It's simple to do since anyone can swab a Q-tip from the inside of their cheek. It can detect drug usage within the past few days, giving drug users a bit of leeway. Blood testing is more associated with health tests more than anything anyway, so it's usually done along with your work checkup.

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